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Your child can enjoy a birthday magic show at their own party.

Your child will forever remember their magical birthday party!

You'll look great and feel delighted for providing your guests with a clean, fun, interactive magic show.

You'll feel relaxed with our professional and friendly service.

You'll feel great knowing your guests will love their magician.

    You can relax & take care of your guests.

    You'll have no worries and you'll ensure the success of your party or special event . . .

    Feel comfortable with friendly, professional magician     JULIUS MAGIC.

Parties for children will especially benefit from our magic entertainment.

Our entertainment keeps children busy and having fun.

Keeping entertainment exciting will help children fully enjoy the entertainment provided.

Children are amazed at magic illusions.

Children who attend a party with a magician like JULIUS MAGIC will talk about how they believe magic happens.

Having magician JULIUS MAGIC at your child's party will keep children occupied with something they are enjoying.

JULIUS MAGIC often inspires children to try to do magic tricks on their own, which will keep the entertainment going after the magic performance.

You can now book fabulous magical entertainment with JULIUS MAGIC that will fit your budget.
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Magic show prices start at $200 and up

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We will provide an affordable quote for you based on the kind of performance you require, your venue, show length, party size, and travel distance.  

Whether your birthday party, special occasion or corporate event is days, weeks, months or even HOURS away, contact JULIUS MAGIC now!

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We look forward to entertaining you and your guests very soon!
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